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Josh Olson
Date Created
Wed, 29th Oct 2014

   Use the HTML 5 (aka Pronto! Lite) by Default


 How do I make the HTML 5 Pronto! interface (aka Pronto! Lite) my default skin?


We'll use Linux as the platform in this example:
The default webskin files are stored in /opt/CommuniGate/WebSkins. Within that directory will be a subdirectory called 'hPronto-'. However, if you look at the 'Users | Account Defaults | Preferences' page of the web administration interface, there is no option to select to select 'hPronto-' as the default skin within the 'Layout' pull down menu.
The solution is to create a symbolic link ( within the /opt/CommuniGate/WebSkins directory that points to 'hPronto-', and then restart the CGP service. Whatever name you give to your symbolic link should then appear as an option in the 'Layout' pull-down menu on the 'Preferences' tab in the CommuniGate Pro web administrative interface after CGP has been restarted.
Please keep in mind that if/when you upgrade the CGP software, the /opt/CommuniGate directory is overwritten. That being the case, the symbolic link will need to be recreated after each upgrade.

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