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Written By
Josh Olson
Date Created
Tue, 31st Jul 2007

   Apache and LDAP Authentication


How can I set up CommuniGate Pro to support Apache authentication via LDAP?


Here is how to setup Apache 2.0 authenticating (mod_auth_ldap) against CGatePro. If you enable "LDAP direct Provisioning", you will not need to copy passwords into the directory, and you can still use the A-crypt 2-way encryption method, keeping passwords more safe. Also, you can have Apache bind as either "" or "uid=username,". Here are the settings required: [WebAdmin: Users->Directory Integration] LDAP direct Provisioning: Enabled Here is an example .htaccess file you could use to restrict web directories via auth to CommuniGate Pro (note, you might want to create a special BindDN as below "ldap" to just allow these queries, or use postmaster): ### BEGIN .htaccess ### # this section is constant AuthType Basic AuthName "MyRealm" AuthLDAPEnabled on AuthLDAPAuthoritative on AuthLDAPBindDN "" AuthLDAPBindPassword "mypassword" AuthLDAPURL: ldap://|(employeeType=management)(employeeType=users)) require valid-user ### END .htaccess ### Also, this same configuration can be used to integrate other web applications such as ldap-enabled Wikis (DokuWiki comes to mind) directly with your CommuniGate Pro account.

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