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Josh Olson
Date Created
Thu, 13th Jun 2013

   Failed to receive message body. Error Code=message line is too long


 What exactly does the following log entry mean?

1:13:02.809 3 SMTPI-123456 ([XX.XX.XX.XX]) failed to receive message body (114256 bytes). Error Code=message line is too long


This means that the message being submitted to CGP via SMTP has a single line that is in excess of the maximum value CGP will accept, i.e. the message is poorly formatted. The RFC standard recommends that the maximum length of a line be between 80 and 998 characters plus CR/LF (carriage return line feed). CGP even goes beyond this and will accept longer lines (up to 10,000 bytes), but the message being submitted to your server has a line that exceeds even CGP's maximum value.

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