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Written By
Josh Olson
Date Created
Wed, 13th May 2015

   SSL/TLS Version for Outbound SMTP


 How can I configure CommuniGate Pro to use a specific version of SSL/TLS for outbound SMTP connections?


One of the following CommuniGate Pro startup parameters ( should be used to adjust the SSL/TLS version for outbound SMTP connections:
--SMTPOutgoingTLSVersion 0 (for SSLv3)
--SMTPOutgoingTLSVersion 1 (for TLSv1.0)
--SMTPOutgoingTLSVersion 2 (for TLSv1.1)
--SMTPOutgoingTLSVersion 3 (for TLSv1.2)
In short you'll create a '' file in the '/var/CommuniGate' directory (or C:\CommuniGate Files if you're running on Windows) with contents similar to this:
SUPPLPARAMS="--SMTPOutgoingTLSVersion 2"
#### end
Then you restart the CommuniGate Pro service. 
If '--SMTPOutgoingTLSVersion 2' is used, this is an example of what will appear in the CGP logs for an outbound SMTP connection:
07:42:30.967 2 TLS-000001 created(TLSv1.1,AES128_SHA256) -> []:25 for SMTP-000001

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