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Josh Olson
Date Created
Mon, 21st Nov 2011

   Message Line is Too Long Error


What does 'Error Code=message line is too long' mean during an incoming SMTP session? Or a log entry similar to the following:

13:30:30.384 3 SMTPI-12345([]) failed to receive message body (1234 bytes). Error Code=message line is too long


This error means that the message being submitted to CGP has a single line that is in excess of the maximum value CGP will accept, i.e. the message is poorly formatted. The RFC standard recommends that the maximum length of a line be between 80 and 998 characters plus CR/LF (carriage return line feed). CGP even goes beyond this and will accept longer lines (up to 10,000 bytes), but the message being submitted to your server when you see this error means that it has a line that exceeds even CGP's maximum value.

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