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Written By
Josh Olson
Date Created
Mon, 12th Mar 2007
Updated By
Josh Olson
Date Modified
Mon, 12th Mar 2007

   How do I enter my CommuniGate Pro license keys?


How do I enter my CommuniGate Pro License Keys on a Single Server?


Once you have received your CommuniGate Pro license keys, you will need to enter them in order to remove any limitations of the trial version. This will be done via the CommuniGate Pro web-based administrative interface on either the Settings | General | Licenses or Settings | Master page depending on the version of CommuniGate Pro you are running.

But before you start entering keys, you will want to verify that your current primary domain name matches the domain named used to license the software. You can do this by looking at the Settings |General | Info or Settings | General page of the Web Administrative Interface. You will see your current primary domain as the first setting on this page. This must match the domain name used to license the software or your license keys will not be accepted. If the name on this page does not match your license keys, please be sure to change it before proceeding.

Now you will have received, at a minimum, two keys with your purchase. This will include a Master key, and any number of license, otherwise know as enabling keys. You will enter the master key first. If successful, you will see another text field appear on the page to enter the first enabling key. After each successive enabling key has been entered, you will get another text field to enter any further enabling keys you may have.

If you have entered all of your enabling keys without an error, then you have finished successfully.

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