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Written By
Kevin Giles
Date Created
Thu, 28th Aug 2008
Updated By
Kevin Giles
Date Modified
Thu, 28th Aug 2008

   Can't delete an account.


When I try and delete a user from CGP, I get failed to read the account settings.


This means the users account.settings is either corrupt or missing.

To fully remove that user from CGP follow these steps.

1. Remove the users .macnt folder in your CGP base directory. It will be located in the Accounts folder.
2. Go to your domain settings tab in the admin interface for the domain the user is in. (Users -> Domains -> *thedomain* -> Domain Settings). Under Directory Integration click on Delete All.
3. Restart CGP.
4. The user should now be deleted.
5. Go back to the settings tab for the domain as in step 2. And under Directory Integration click on Insert All to repopulate your directory browser.


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