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Philip Slater
Date Created
Wed, 30th Sep 2009

   Subscribing to shared Mailboxes/Contacts/Calendars


Now that I have shared the mailboxes with some people, how does one subscribe to these objects?


There are four different methods for subscribing to a shared resource.

There are two via webmail and one apiece for Outlook via MAPI and Pronto.

In webmail the two options are Subscription and Alias. These can be found on Settings/Folders and then click the link for "All Subscribed Folders". NOTE: This option should be set to Yes.

Alias Method
This is the best possible method to subscribe to an object for the simple reason that these appear to all IMAP clients, webmail, Pronto and Outlook via MAPI.
Procedure: Enter Alias Name in left field then enter account & mailbox that you wish to subscribe to in the right field. The account field must include a ~ in front of the account name, a slash after the address and then the exact mailbox name.
Example: Leeroy's Raid Schedule ---> ~ljenkins@azeroth.dom/Raids
Result: In all interfaces once your account has been rescanned, Leeroy's Raid Schedule will appear as an item in the list of mailboxes.

While it generates the same results, it may result in an abnormal appearance of the subscription in the list of items i.e. ~ljenkis@azeroth.dom/Raids or just as Raids.
Procedure: Enter the account and mailbox name in the ~account/mailbox format
Example: ~ljenkins@azeroth.dom/Raids
Result: May appear as ~ljenkins@azeroth.dom/Raids or as Raids

For subscription in just Outlook via MAPI Connector
This procedure is just for Outlook and will not appear in any of the other interfaces.
Procedure: Go to Tools and select E-mail Accounts. Select your current MAPI profile and Edit. Select the Advanced tab then click Add in the "Use shared mailboxes in the following Accounts" and just type in the email address
Example: ljenkins@azeroth.dom
Result: This will check the entire ljenkins@azeroth.dom account for any mailbox, contacts and calendar for a shared resource. It will display in the list of mailboxes with the name of account or "Raids in Leeroy Jenkins".

For subscription in Pronto
This procedure is just for Pronto and will not appear in any of the other interfaces.
Procedure: At the bottom of the list for mailboxes, calendars and contacts there is a small icon with a body. Click on this icon. This will give you a dialog box to enter the email address that has shared mailboxes. Once you click 'Open' then select the mailboxes that you wish to open. The mailboxes listed are those that are shared and have been granted access. You will have to go to Mailboxes, Calendar and Contacts separately to subscribe the different type of mailboxes.
Result: At the bottom of your list of objects you will see the email address with a plus sign to the left. Click on the plus sign and you will be shown the available shared objects to view.

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