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Philip Slater
Date Created
Fri, 25th Sep 2009

   Sharing Mailboxes/Calendars/Contacts


How do you share items with other users?


Regardless of what you call them, mailboxes or folders, contacts and calendars all share the same properties in that they can be shared with other users on the CommuniGate Pro server.

To share in web mail, click on the settings option for the mailbox. Note: Not the Settings at the top of the page

To share in Outlook with the MAPI Connector and Pronto! just right click the mailbox. Pronto will display as Access Control List

Here you will see the Access control list with a spot for an email address and their rights.

Simply type in the email address and select the rights you wish to grant and hit the update button.

If you wish to share with members of a CGP Group you share it as #name-of-group.

If you wish to share with all accounts on the server share as "anyone"

If you wish to share with just your domain then "anyone@"

If you wish to share with other domains then "anyone@that-domain".

Please refer to the CGP Guide for what each right provides.

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