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Written By
Josh Olson
Date Created
Mon, 8th Apr 2013
Updated By
Josh Olson
Date Modified
Mon, 8th Apr 2013

   Reminders for Shared Calendars Accessed Via AirSync


We have CGP accounts that share Calendars. Those Calendars are then accessed via mailbox aliases ( using AirSync on our mobile devices. The users only has read access to those shared mailboxes, but they see reminders for events scheduled in those shared Calendars.

Since they are not part of the event, and the event is not even included in Calendar that is local to that user, why do they see the reminders?


The only way a "shared calender" can be access via AirSync is if a mailbox alias ( is used. The reason for this is that the AirSync protocol has no concept of "shared mailboxes", so this is the work around we had to implement.

The unfortunate thing is that the folder aliases mechanism is really just a "hack", and every single event within that aliased mailbox is going to treated as local to that user, and thus they'll see reminders if the shared calendar is accessed via AirSync, Pronto! and any other supported method.

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