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Josh Olson
Date Created
Thu, 2nd Feb 2012

   Mozilla Lightning/Thunderbird is not Sending Invitations


 After upgrading CommuniGate Pro to versoin 5.4.x, my Thunderbird/Lightning clients can no longer send calendar invitations when connected to CGP using CalDAV. What happened with the upgrade?


Please try using the following start up parameter ( for CommuniGate Pro:

--CalDAVAutoSched NO

Here is a description of this parameter from our engineers: This has been added as a workaround for the problem that some CallDAV clients have when connecting to CGP 5.4 versions that started to advertise the DAV "autosched" capability. When the clients see this advertisement they won't send meeting requests when a new meeting is added to a calendar - expecting the server to do that on their behalf. But the implementation seems to be incomplete and the server does not send the invitation. When the above parameter is used, the "autosched" capability is not advertised and the CalDAV clients submit invitation e-mails themselves. 

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