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Written By
Josh Olson
Date Created
Wed, 8th Feb 2012
Updated By
Josh Olson
Date Modified
Wed, 8th Feb 2012

   Using Pronto! Pro on a Linux Desktop


 I want to install/run Pronto! Pro (formerly Pronto! on AIR) on a Linux Desktop machine, is this possible?


Adobe has officially dropped support for Air running on Linux, which means that future versions of Pronto! may not work as they'll likely require Adobe Air versions newer that 2.6. 

However, for now at least, you can still download/install Adobe Air version 2.6 along with Pronto! Pro using the following steps:

1) Download Adobe Air 2.6 for Linux from here:
2) Modify the permissions so that AdobeAIRInstaller.bin is executable, and run it from the command line


3) Complete the GUI-based installation of Adobe Air
4) Download Pronto! Pro version 4 from here:
5) Double-click on 'pronto4.air' to start the GUI-based Adobe Air installation of Pronto! 4
6) If you selected the option, there should now be a Pronto! Pro icon on your desktop that you can run to start the application.

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