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Josh Olson
Date Created
Wed, 3rd Nov 2010

   Outlook Crashing After Upgrade


We recently upgraded to CommuniGate Pro version 5.3.10, which includes MAPI component, and Outlook now crashes when I send a message that includes an attachment. And given that the message remains in the outbox, all subsequent restarts of Outlook also result in a crash. What is the problem?


Unfortunately the MAPI component has a bug that causes these crashes while sending messages over SSL/TLS. The workaround is to disable SSL in the account settings, or install on the server the version that provides the fix: manually put the cgmxp32.dll from /> into the Services directory of the CGP application directory (e.g. /opt/CommuniGate/Services on Linux or Solaris) and then press the Refresh button on the 'Settings | General | Info' page of the CGP web administration interface.

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