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Written By
Josh Olson
Date Created
Tue, 17th Apr 2007
Updated By
Philip Slater
Date Modified
Fri, 29th Jun 2007

   Customizing the WebMail Login Page


How do I customize the page login page my users see when the log into the webmail interface?


This depends on your choice of "default layout" for all users.

Location of selecting the default layout is dependent on the version of CommuniGate Pro

For version 5.1 it is Users->Account Defaults->Preferences->Layout
For version 5.0 and 4.3 Domains->All Domains->Account Defaults->WebUser Prefs->Layout

Once created, your customized version of the Login page will always be
retained, even through upgrades. So, the following process only needs to
be done once.

For this example, we will change the login page when using the "Simplex"
skin as the default. Simplex is the "base skin" for all of these:
Aquinox, Overview, XChange, and Viewpoint - in many cases, you will only
modify the Simplex skin settings.

You can change the default login page by doing the following:

1. Login to WebAdmin

2a. 5.1 Go to Users->Account Defaults->Preferences
2b. 5.0 & 4.3 Go to Domains->(All Domains)->Account Defaults->WebUser Prefs

3. Select a default skin for users, such as Simplex

4a. 5.1 Go to Users->Skins
4b. 5.0 & 4.3 Go to Domains->(All Domains)->Skins

5. At bottom of page, do [Create Skin:] "Simplex". This will provide a
"local" (/var) directory for Simplex, with nothing in it at first
(/var/CommuniGate/WebSkins/Simplex on linux/unix)

6. At bottom of page, select the "Simplex" skin you just created

7. Download the login.wssp page to your system, modify it as desired,
then "Browse:" and "Upload:" it. "UnCache" it for good measure.

NOTE: In the event that you are unable to create the named skin Simplex, you will need to go
into the base directory of CommuniGate Pro and create a directory called Simplex in the
following location (CGPBase)->Settings->WebSkins

That should be it. The default Simplex skin will be applied to your
personalized version of the login page.

You can then do the same thing with the "bye.wssp" page for logout.

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