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Josh Olson
Date Created
Wed, 9th May 2012

   Error Code=mailbox has a very long line


What is causing the 'mailbox has a very long line' error message that we're seeing in our CommuniGate Pro logs?


Typically this error comes up with mbox formatted mailboxes ( when a message is poorly formatted and contains an extremely long line of text or characters with no break. This can simply be just that, a poorly formatted message, or may point to some sort of more serious data corruption issue.

If it is a single user/account experiencing this problem, then it's likely just a poorly formatted message. And assuming that is the case, our advice would be to increase the log level for the HTTPU module (Settings | Services | HTTPU) and try to again access the account/mailbox. Assuming you can reproduce the error, please log into the CGP web admin interface and go to Monitors | Logs. There you'll click to open the correct log file for the time frame when the error was reproduced, and set the time interval so you are only viewing log entries from the time period when you attempted to open the account. Do you see the error mentioned in the logs? If so, do you see any evidence to suggest which message may be causing the issue?
Alternatively, you might also consider viewing the mailbox in question at the file level within the OS on the CGP server. The mailbox itself is just a flat text file and should be viewable with any text editor. A may be matter of just reformatting that text file with a line break.

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