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Written By
Josh Olson
Date Created
Wed, 19th Aug 2009
Updated By
Josh Olson
Date Modified
Wed, 19th Aug 2009

   Push Email Not Working with AirSync on iPhone


Why is "Push" email no longer working with AirSync and certain email folders?


The iPhone sends a "PING" command to the CGP server - to be notified if a mailbox has changed. This PING command may contain the list of mailboxes to watch OR it may be empty. If it's empty (used to save bandwidth), the server assumes that it must watch the list of mailboxes it saw in the previous PING command. So, if for some reason the phone removes a mailbox from the PING list once, and then continues to send PINGs w/o that mailbox in the list - the server will only check those mailboxes in the list.

Solution: On the iPhone go to 'Settings | Mail, Contacts, Calendars | <yourairsyncaccount> | Mail Folders to Push'. Make sure that all of the correct folders are in this list.


On the iPhone go to 'Settings | Mail, Contacts, Calendars | <yourairsyncaccountt>' and move the Mail slider to OFF and then back to ON.

Taking either action should "reset"  the list of mailboxes sent in the PING mentioned above.</yourairsyncaccountt></yourairsyncaccount>

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