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Written By
Kevin Giles
Date Created
Wed, 10th Sep 2008
Updated By
Kevin Giles
Date Modified
Wed, 10th Sep 2008

   Removing the My Stuff Tab.


Can I remove the My Stuff tab from Pronto!?


To completely remove the My Stuff tab from Pronto! locate your CGP Application directory (Note: This is where CGP is installed on your system, not the Base Directory where your settings and accounts are kept).

Then enter the WebSkins directory then the Pronto- directory.

You should see a file mystuff.def, rename that file (mystuff.def.bak) works just fine, then restart CGP.

Note: If you decide that you would like the My Stuff tab again rename that file back to mystuff.def and restart CGP. If you removed the file instead of renaming it; reinstallation of CGP will put that file back in its place

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