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Written By
Josh Olson
Date Created
Tue, 17th Apr 2007
Updated By
Josh Olson
Date Modified
Tue, 17th Apr 2007

   Modifying the users Settings page to limit the available skins


Can I modify the user settings page in order to limit the skins that are available to that user?


Following is the patch syntax for modifying the settings.wssp page. This
page uses an "ENUMMENU" rather than a pure STRINGMENU WSSP function, so
the syntax is a little different, and dependent on static numeric values
assigned to each skin in the product:

--- settings.wssp-orig  2007-04-03 08:47:30.000000000 -0700
+++ settings.wssp       2007-04-03 09:25:28.000000000 -0700
@@ -38,5 +38,14 @@
           <td width="35%" nowrap
-           <td ><select class="FieldText"NAME=SkinName><!--%%ENUMMENU
settings.skinName DEFAULT defaultSettings.skinName IN skinNames DISPLAY
+           <td >
+                               <select class="FieldText" name="SkinName">
+                                 <!--%%IF SETTINGS("SkinName")-->
+                                 <option value="-1"  <!--%%IF
EQUALS(SETTINGS("SkinName") AND "default")-->   selected <!--%%ENDIF-->
Aquinox (default)</option>
+                                 <option value="6"  <!--%%IF
EQUALS(SETTINGS("SkinName") AND "Simplex")-->   selected <!--%%ENDIF-->
+                                 <!--%%ELSE-->
+                                 <option value="-1">Aquinox
+                                 <option value="6">Simplex</option>
+                                 <!--%%ENDIF-->
+                  </SELECT></td>

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