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Thom O'Connor
Date Created
Fri, 17th Aug 2007

   How do I integrate CommuniGate Pro WebMail into a portal?


How do I integrate CommuniGate Pro WebMail into a portal?


There is a straightforward way to integrate any portal with CommuniGate.

Basically, follow these steps:

When the user authenticates into the portal, have the portal code initiate a special Perl/Java/whatever CommuniGate CLI script which does the following:

1) The script should authenticate as an administrator-type account, perhaps just a special account created just for this portal integration.

2) The script should issue the CLI command "GETWEBUSERSESSION" (, to check if the user already has an active session on the cluster.

3) If no session is currently active, the script should issue the "CREATEWEBUSERSESSION", and return the Session URL to the portal.

4) Optionally, you can also have the script issue the "GETMAILBOXINFO" CLI command, to retrieve the number of Unseen messages in the INBOX.

All of this data should get returned to the portal, which can be displayed by the portal as a link to the WebUserSession and displaying the number of unread messages. Clicking on the link will open up the WebUserSession without the user having to re-authenticate.

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