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Josh Olson
Date Created
Tue, 20th May 2008

   Creating a directory-based address book with Outlook


How do I configure a directory(LDAP)-based address book using CommuniGate Pro within Outlook?


If no modifications have been made to the default CGP LDAP configuration, then from within Outlook (steps may vary slightly depending on the version of Outlook) you should be able to do the following to configure a directory-based address book: 1) Tools | Email Accounts | Add a new directory or address book 2) Select Internet Directory Service (LDAP) 3) Enter your server name or IP address 4) Check the box for 'This server requires me to log on', 5) Enter your CGP username and password 6) Click 'More Settings' 7) Click the Search tab 8) Set the search base to 'top' (no quotes of course) 9) Save the configuration and restart Outlook Once Outlook has restarted, you should be able to open your Outlook address book and in the 'Show Names from the' pull down select the newly created directory-based address book and see the names and addresses stored in the CGP LDAP server.

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