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Mobile, AirSync
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Wed, 19th Aug 2009
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Mon, 8th Apr 2013
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   Mobile, AirSync

Android - Replies and Forwards Failing 

You'd likely experience the same problem if you were connected to an Exchange server. Please have a look at the following:

If you were to connect these same devices to the CGP server using more traditional methods (POP or IMAP and SMTP), you'd likely not have a problem.

You might consider alternate messaging applications on your phone. Some have been successful with an app called Touchdown (

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Failed To Read Sync Info 

The 'mailbox sync data' referenced in this log entry refers to the 'Sync' element included in the mailbox metadata (which is stored in the user's file). This data can be viewed by using the 'GetMailboxInfo' CLI ( command.

In order to repair it, you could issue the following CLI command: updatemailboxinfo account@domain MAILBOX FolderName {Sync=#NULL#;}
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Push Email Not Working with AirSync on iPhone 

The iPhone sends a "PING" command to the CGP server - to be notified if a mailbox has changed. This PING command may contain the list of mailboxes to watch OR it may be empty. If it's empty (used to save bandwidth), the server assumes that it must watch the list of mailboxes it saw in the previous PING command. So, if for some reason the phone removes a mailbox from the PING list once, and then continues to send PINGs w/o that mailbox in the list - the server will only check those mailboxes in the list.

Solution: On the iPhone go to 'Settings | Mail, Contacts, Calendars | <yourairsyncaccount> | Mail Folders to Push'. Make sure that all of the correct folders are in this list.


On the iPhone go to 'Settings | Mail, Contacts, Calendars | <yourairsyncaccountt>' and move the Mail slider to OFF and then back to ON.

Taking either action should "reset"  the list of mailboxes sent in the PING mentioned above.</yourairsyncaccountt></yourairsyncaccount>
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Reminders for Shared Calendars Accessed Via AirSync 

The only way a "shared calender" can be access via AirSync is if a mailbox alias ( is used. The reason for this is that the AirSync protocol has no concept of "shared mailboxes", so this is the work around we had to implement.

The unfortunate thing is that the folder aliases mechanism is really just a "hack", and every single event within that aliased mailbox is going to treated as local to that user, and thus they'll see reminders if the shared calendar is accessed via AirSync, Pronto! and any other supported method.

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Setting Up a CalDAV Account on IOS 

1) Touch 'Settings' 

2) Touch 'Mail, Contacts, Calendars'
3) Touch 'Add Account…'
4) Touch 'Other'
5) Touch 'Add CalDAV Account'
6) Type in your 'Server' name or IP Address
7) Type in your 'User Name' (full email address is fine)
8) Type in your account's 'Password'
9) Type in any Description you like that will help you identify this account
10) Touch 'Advanced Settings'
11) Set 'Use SSL' on or off depending on the CGP server configuration
12) Designate a port. By default the CGP HTTPU module is listening on TCP ports 8100 (non-ssl) and 9100 (ssl).
13) Delete everything in the 'Account URL' after either the port number or the third '/', and add '/CalDAV/'. So for example my iPhone had an 'Account URL' of' and I changed it to'.
14) Touch the 'CalDAV' button at the top left to go back to the rest of the account settings
15) Touch 'Next'
16) You may or may not get a warning about your server-side certificate. You can accept a self-signed or test certificate by touching 'Continue'
17) If everything worked, the account should now appear in your 'Account's list on the 'Mail, Contacts, Calendars' section under the iPhone settings with the description you gave the account in step 9.
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