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XIMSS (Pronto)
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Fri, 9th Mar 2007
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Fri, 20th Feb 2015
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   XIMSS (Pronto)

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Add Custom Links to Pronto! Login Page 

Currently there is no way to add custom links to login page in Pronto!. If custom links are required, customers will typically implement their own login pages with HTML, and use Auto-login feature of Pronto to login:

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Date Format 

Assuming you'd like to make this modification server-wide for the HTML 5 Pronto! client, please try the following:
1) Go to 'Users | Skins' and create a named skin called 'hPronto-'
2) Download the '' file from this new named skin
3) Change this:
DatePicturesEx = {shortNumericDate = "^d/^N/^Y"; };
DatePicturesEx = {shortNumericDate = "^N/^d/^Y"; };
4) Save the file
5) Upload the custom file to 'Users | Skins | hPronto-'
6) Flush the cache for the CGP skin and for your browser
Now when you log into the Pronto! 5 client, the date format should be MM/DD/YYYY. Here is the process shown in a video:
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Hide SMS Option in Pronto! 4 

The SMS option can be removed by creating a Pronto4 named skin (for example if you want to do it Server-Wide, you'd go to the 'Users | Skins' page of the web administration interface), and upload an 'im.config' file which contains the following code:


<config xmlns="">
<syncRequest name="smsCompose" enabled="false" />
<extension name="ComposeSMS" enabled="false" />
<extension name="ComposeSMSInTopButtons" enabled="false" />
<extension name="SMSInURLProtocols" enabled="false" />


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Redirect/Login to Pronto! 4 From Basic Skin 

It can easily be done by taking the hello.wssp page for the Pronto! skin, making a slight modification, and uploading it to a named Pronto4 skin. The following video shows that process, and I've attached a copy of the hello.wssp file that was used in this video:

And the entire content of the hello.wssp file should be as follows:




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Use the HTML 5 (aka Pronto! Lite) by Default 

We'll use Linux as the platform in this example:
The default webskin files are stored in /opt/CommuniGate/WebSkins. Within that directory will be a subdirectory called 'hPronto-'. However, if you look at the 'Users | Account Defaults | Preferences' page of the web administration interface, there is no option to select to select 'hPronto-' as the default skin within the 'Layout' pull down menu.
The solution is to create a symbolic link ( within the /opt/CommuniGate/WebSkins directory that points to 'hPronto-', and then restart the CGP service. Whatever name you give to your symbolic link should then appear as an option in the 'Layout' pull-down menu on the 'Preferences' tab in the CommuniGate Pro web administrative interface after CGP has been restarted.
Please keep in mind that if/when you upgrade the CGP software, the /opt/CommuniGate directory is overwritten. That being the case, the symbolic link will need to be recreated after each upgrade.
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Using Pronto! Pro on a Linux Desktop 

Adobe has officially dropped support for Air running on Linux, which means that future versions of Pronto! may not work as they'll likely require Adobe Air versions newer that 2.6. 

However, for now at least, you can still download/install Adobe Air version 2.6 along with Pronto! Pro using the following steps:

1) Download Adobe Air 2.6 for Linux from here:
2) Modify the permissions so that AdobeAIRInstaller.bin is executable, and run it from the command line


3) Complete the GUI-based installation of Adobe Air
4) Download Pronto! Pro version 4 from here:
5) Double-click on 'pronto4.air' to start the GUI-based Adobe Air installation of Pronto! 4
6) If you selected the option, there should now be a Pronto! Pro icon on your desktop that you can run to start the application.

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