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Tue, 13th Nov 2007
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Tue, 13th Nov 2007
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Troubleshooting SIP 

Troubleshooting SIP can be a detailed effort, because of integration issues and ever-evolving standards within the SIP industry. However, CommuniGate Pro provides good ways to investigate these problems:

1. SIP Log Levels

Please be sure your CommuniGate Pro system/cluster is logging all SIP
related modules at log level "All Info", and please provide the logs on
this call, for debugging purposes.

Please increase your log levels to "All Info" in these areas of the
WebAdmin Interface:

[Settings->Real-Time->Signals] [Settings->Real-Time->Nodes] [Settings->Real-Time->SIP->Sending] [Settings->Real-Time->SIP->Receiving] [Settings->Real-Time->SIP->Transport]

Perform a test call, then grab the logs.

2. Media-related Log Levels

CommuniGate Pro can function both as a media proxy and a media termination (PBX, voicemail) system. This includes both "Class 4" and "Class 5" features.

In order to gather debugging information for media, there are two locations within the WebAdmin Interface where you can log the media traffic at "All Info":

Media Proxy Log Levels: [Settings->Network->LAN IPs: Media Proxy]
Media Termination & Nodes: [Settings->Real-Time->Media]

3. Log Investigation

There is a built-in method for grabbing detailed related logs in
CommuniGate Pro. If you go to [Monitors->Logs], first find the first
"REGISTER" or "INVITE" portion of the attempt. In that transaction, you
will find a Call-ID. If you copy the Call-ID, then paste it into
"Filter", you can do a "Keyed" log query.

For example, find the Call-ID:


Paste this into "Filter", select "Keyed", then hit "Display". The logs
will then be displayed for the entire SIP conversation. If using a SIP
Farm/Dynamic Cluster, you may need to perform this log gathering on each
Frontend node in the Cluster.

4. WebAdmin Monitors

The monitoring pages at [Monitors->Real-Time] provide good real-time information about SIP transactions. For example, all active/failed registrations to PSTN gateways should be available at [Monitors->Real-Time->Nodes].

5. WebAdmin/SNMP data

The "Statistics" pages in CommuniGate Pro WebAdmin provides insight into ongoing performance. These Statistics are also available through the SNMP interface to CommuniGate Pro. [Monitors->Statistics]

The following Statistics are particularly useful for debugging VoIP issues:

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