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Allowed Characters in Account Names 

The "allowed" characters are: A-Z a-z 0-9 "-" "_" "."

The "." character cannot be the first or the last character in an account name.

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CIDR Notation for Blacklisting IPs 

Yes, CIDR notation can be used. Please see the following video as an example:

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Degragmentation and CGP Storage 

IN THEORY the defragmentation of the drive where the CGP data resides should not be an issue. However, the I/O load is going to much higher during the operation, which may have an adverse effect on performance and could lead to time-outs while reading/parsing large mailboxes. With all that considered, it's probably better to stop the CGP service while the defrag is running.

Please keep in mind that defragmentation makes no sense on disks that have plenty free space. And that disks that are 90%+ full are going to be slow, and a defrag won't help.

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DMARC and CommuniGate Pro Mailing Lists 

To be compatible with DMARC, please enable the 'Hide From Addresses' setting for the CGP mailing list(s) in question.

Preserving the "FROM:" address is not compatible with DMARC.

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Error Code=mailbox has a very long line 

Typically this error comes up with mbox formatted mailboxes ( when a message is poorly formatted and contains an extremely long line of text or characters with no break. This can simply be just that, a poorly formatted message, or may point to some sort of more serious data corruption issue.

If it is a single user/account experiencing this problem, then it's likely just a poorly formatted message. And assuming that is the case, our advice would be to increase the log level for the HTTPU module (Settings | Services | HTTPU) and try to again access the account/mailbox. Assuming you can reproduce the error, please log into the CGP web admin interface and go to Monitors | Logs. There you'll click to open the correct log file for the time frame when the error was reproduced, and set the time interval so you are only viewing log entries from the time period when you attempted to open the account. Do you see the error mentioned in the logs? If so, do you see any evidence to suggest which message may be causing the issue?
Alternatively, you might also consider viewing the mailbox in question at the file level within the OS on the CGP server. The mailbox itself is just a flat text file and should be viewable with any text editor. A may be matter of just reformatting that text file with a line break.
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Extracting Plain Text from U-Crypt or UB-Crypt'd Passwords 

The answer is no. The U-Crypt or UB-Crypt method of encoding is one-way using hash, and not a cypher, and cannot be extracted to plain text.

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Kaspersky Plugin for CommuniGate Pro Stopped Working 

Kaspersky anti-virus plugin version 1.5 has been updated.

The plugin contains an internal Kaspersky license key file which is going to expire on February 19. After that the plugin will still work but you won't be able to update the virus database.

The updated packages contain the new key file and more recent virus databases; nothing else changed.


Platforms available:
* Windows-x86
* Windows-x86_64
* Linux-x86
* Linux-x86_64
* FreeBSD7-x86
* FreeBSD7-x86_64

If you are already running Kaspersky anti-virus plugin it's sufficient to download the key file alone
and store it into CGPKAV/licenses/ subdirectory; no restart needed.

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Listener Settings - CIDR Notation 

Yes, CIDR notation can be used, as shown here:

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Log File Size Limit 

Yes, there is a maximum log file size limit of 2GB. If a given log file reaches 2GB, a new log file will be created automatically, regardless of the 'or if Larger than' log file setting.

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Mailbox Locking Timed-Out 

The 'locking timed-out' message means that the mailbox in question has been opened for writing by a thread and another thread wants to write to it as well. The second thread tries to acquire the lock, but times out. This means that the first operation is still busy - for more than 30 seconds. Usually this means either it's an extremely large mailbox (without indexing), or there is some problem with the file system (very slow response).

Please make sure that mailbox indexing is enabled (WebAdmin -> Settings -> Other -> TextMailbox manage -> Index -- set to 3 MBs or lower) and that accounts that are set to forward mail are also set to discard already forwarded mail ("Keep Copy" is Off) so mailboxes don't grow beyond a practical limit (of say 1 to 2 GB).
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Using "Grade" License Keys 

Once the Grade-A license key has been entered into the system, go to the 'Users | Domains | <> | Objects | <your user> | Settings' page of the CommuniGate Pro web administrative interface. There you'll change the 'Type' for that user to 'A-Grade' and click 'Update'. That user should now have access to the features associated with that Grade-A license key.
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What to do if blacklisted by Yahoo? Or "gray-listed".. 

The following answer has been provided to the community from Eastern University.

Solution to getting “gray-listed” by Yahoo! Mail.

We were getting 421 and 521 errors from Yahoo! Mail.  I researched the problem on the internet, but did not really find anything that could help an e-mail server administrator.

Here are the steps that I took to troubleshoot the problem with Yahoo! Mail not accepting the e-mail from our e-mail server:
1)    I called Yahoo! Mail’s corporate offices, about 3 times until I got to the correct voice mailbox.  You will not be able to contact a real person until they e-mail you back.  Call the corporate number at 408-349-3300.  After the first message, press 2, after the next message, press 00 (zero, zero) to get an operator.  Then explain that you are an e-mail server administrator and would like to leave a message on voicemail about not being able to send e-mail.  I would suggest getting a yahoo ID because they will actually contact you back then.
2)    Wait for an e-mail back.  They should e-mail you back within 48 hours.  I called them back the next day and left another message.  They finally got in contact with me after 3 days.

Hello xxxxxxx,

Thank you for contacting Yahoo! Mail.

Our apologies for your inconveniences when trying to delivery mail to
our shared subscribers.  We are more than willing to assist with your
whitelisting request, however we would appreciate it if you could
provide more information to help us troubleshoot the issue and determine
what the status of your mail servers is and what the next best course of
action will be.

Please reply to this email with the following information:

* Explain the details of one event with the delivery problems to Yahoo!
Mail as an example that you are experiencing. Please provide the entire
message, including the full text of the error message returned, if
applicable, and full header information.

If the recipient in the example is a Yahoo! Mail recipient, which is
recommend, the headers can be found within a Yahoo! Mail account by
displaying this information by clicking the "Full Headers" link located
within the message in the bottom right-hand corner.

* The specific server_domain name and IP address or addresses of the
email server or servers that have the delivery issue when sending to
Yahoo! Mail recipients.

   IP Address:
   Mail Server Domain Name:

* Log messages from your mail server showing which IP you connected to
and what responses you got from the remote server at the time you
received the corresponding failures/timeouts for the event you are

* The results from a plain text message, sent to Yahoo! Mail, without
HTML, links, graphics or attachments, from the server having delivery
issues. Is the email delivered to Yahoo! Inbox? 

We appreciate your assistance. This information will be helpful in
determining the reason why you are having issues when delivering mail to
Yahoo! Mail accounts.

For assistance with delivery issues to Yahoo! Mail, please visit:

I await your response so I may investigate your issue.

Thank you again for contacting Yahoo! Mail.


Ashlar Skye

Yahoo! Customer Care

For assistance with all Yahoo! services please visit:

3)    So we e-mailed back and forth and I finally got a phone call from another Tech. at Yahoo! named Samuel and we straightened things out on the phone.  By the end of the day of being in contact with someone in person our queue dropped from 5000 e-mails to 1000.  The next day we did not have a queue at all.

End Notes:
We deduced that original reason that we were black listed by Yahoo! Mail was that we had two return DNS addresses.  We think that Yahoo! Mail, because of its high standards to guard against spamming, does not allow an e-mail server to send e-mail if the return DNS receipt does not match the sending IP address exactly.  Thank you Yahoo! ...
If you ever run into a problem with Yahoo! Mail your best bet is to call the Corporate office number:  408-349-3300.
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