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Written By
Thom O'Connor
Date Created
Mon, 13th Aug 2007
Updated By
Thom O'Connor
Date Modified
Mon, 10th Sep 2007

   GatewayIncoming setup


How do I use the GatewayIncoming CGPL application for handling incoming calls?


There is an overview of the GatewayCaller setup here in our Support Knowledge Base - GatewayCaller is used for "outbound" calling. This is a good overview for the basic application usage in CommuniGate Pro, so please review this article first:

In order to use GatewayIncoming for inbound calling, simply add a Router table entry which routes all incoming calls to the GatewayIncoming application, like this for example:

S: <5555551212@> = gatewayincoming{*}#pbx

If desired, there can be different PBX accounts used for each domain:

S: <5555551212@> = gatewayincoming{*}
S: <5555551213@> = gatewayincoming{*}

GatewayIncoming has options how media for calls are proxied, mixed, or bridged. So, you may find you should use one of these options:

S: <(5+d)@> = gatewayincoming{*,media}#pbx
S: <(5+d)@> = gatewayincoming{*,mixer}#pbx
S: <(5+d)@> = gatewayincoming{*,bridge}#pbx

There are a lot of different layouts available here, depending on how your inbound calls arrive at CommuniGate Pro from your PSTN Gateway. If required, please fill in these details or provide logs (set at "All Info" for SIP and Signals) for further analysis.

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