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Thom O'Connor
Date Created
Fri, 19th Oct 2007

   Linux installation packages


Which version of the Linux installation package should I use - the RPM version or the tar.gz version?


CommuniGate releases Linux builds of CommuniGate Pro in two primary formats, RPM and non-RPM:

RPM - uses Dynamic/Shared Library linking (more efficient, more tunable, will take advantage of the latest operating system builds and tuning parameters)

non-RPM - uses Static Libraries only (theoretically more stable, probably less efficient)

If your system is under significant load (over 1024 concurrent file descriptors required), you are probably better off using the RPM version of CommuniGate Pro.

The tgz version is statically compiled while the RPM version is a dynamically compiled binary. The dynamically compiled version is recommended when it can be used, as it can then be configured according to the limits of the operating system you use, and therefore will have much higher performance capacity.

For Linux distributions which do not natively support RPM, you may be able to find an optional RPM management package for that distro. Also, RPM packages can be converted into some other package types, such as "rpm-to-apt" or "alien", among others.

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