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Written By
Josh Olson
Date Created
Mon, 12th Mar 2007
Updated By
Josh Olson
Date Modified
Wed, 7th Jan 2009

   How do I upgrade the MAPI connector?


How do I upgrade the server and client side MAPI software for CommuniGate Pro?


The first step to upgrading the MAPI connector is to download the latest version. Please be sure that you are running the same or a newer version of the server-side MAPI dll before upgrading the clients. You can verify the server version by navigating to the web administrative interface of CommuniGate Pro and looking at the Settings | General | Info page. You will see the version listed there as 'MAPI Version'.

***Please Note*** - Before proceeding with the server-side MAPI upgrade, you will want to verify the latest version of the server-side MAPI software that is compatible with your version of CommuniGate Pro. This can be done by visiting the following page on our website.

To upgrade the server-side dll, download the latest version here: (make sure you see 'serv' in the file name, otherwise you are downloading the client version).

Once you have extraced the .zip archive, you should have a file called 'cgmxp32.dll'. This should be copied to the CGP application directory on your CommuniGate Pro server, specifically the /Services/ subdirectory (for example: /usr/sbin/CommuniGatePro/Services/ on OS X). Once the file has been placed there (overwriting the previous version), go to the Settings | General page of the web administration interface and click the 'Refresh' button. You should see the MAPI version listed on that page change reflecting the new version.

Once you have confirmed that you are running the correct server-side MAPI dll version, you will need to download the client-side MAPI software that you will be installing. You can do so by visiting the URL below:

Be sure you are downloading the client and not the server software. (The server software will have 'serv' in the filename)

Once you have downloaded the client-side MAPI software, you will need to extract the files. Once the files have been extracted, the actual update process if very easy. Simply run the setup.exe file and click the upgrade option. Once the software has been successfully updated, you will prompted to set up your MAPI profile. If you already have a profile configured, then you can skip this.

That should be it.

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