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Written By
Thom O'Connor
Date Created
Wed, 9th Jan 2008

   Apple OS X HFS filesystem bug


What is causing the HFS error, crash, and/or kernel panic we're getting?


Some of our customers had reported HFS filesystem errors or kernel panics on the Apple OS X platform, when using OS X versions 10.4.X and possibly previous. This problem would cause the system to crash, and/or put entries in the system logs like the following:

panic(cpu 3 caller 0x002F7CB9): hfs_vnop_link: error 2 updating vp @0xb8ebf78

We have received some level of notice from Apple that this bug/problem was fixed in Apple OS X 10.5 (Leopard). [Please note: 10.5.1 has been released, and we would recommend upgrading to (Leopard) 10.5.1 as some other problems were introduced in 10.5 that affected Flash Player and some other miscellaneous issues.]

Initial response from some customers appears to be positive. We are asking the community to provide any additional evidence or confirmation that Leopard indeed eliminates the HFS kernel bug. You can post this info here to mailing list, or send us a private note to my e-mail address, or to

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