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Thom O'Connor
Date Created
Fri, 16th Nov 2007

   Using the Dial-by-Name application


When the auto-attendant starts, she gives the option to dial by name. Does anyone know how to get this to work? Where does CommuniGate query this data?


The dial by name application included in the product is called "dialbyname.sppi", and is called from the main PBX application "pbx.sppr".

The application accepts DTMF input, then searches CommuniGate Pro accounts via CPGL. This dta is taken from the Directory - so the domain must be configured to "Keep in Sync" with the Directory.

If one or more matching names are found, then the application next checks that the user has created a "personal voicemail welcome" message (stored as myname.wav) in their personal website space. Only those accounts will be returned for a search request that have the myname.wav file in their personal web site areas. To record that file users need to dial *54 from their registered SIP device.

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