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Written By
Josh Olson
Date Created
Mon, 14th Mar 2011
Updated By
Josh Olson
Date Modified
Mon, 14th Mar 2011

   Disable Vacant Chat Room Messages


I have created a chat room using the CommuniGate Pro Pronto! interface. If the chat room remains idle for 15 minutes, there is an automated message sent from the system with a message like "Hey, is anyone here?!". How do I disable these messages?


Just so you're aware, these messages being displayed is the default behavior, so there is nothing misconfigured on the system. To disable these idle message, you'll need to create a text file called ''. The content of this file will simply be an open and close parentesis (). Once you have the file, go to the web administrative interface of your CommuniGate Pro server, and then to the 'Users | PBX' page. There you'll notice a file already exists with the name If you were to open this file, you'd see the following contents:

   "It feels so lonely here! :-(",
   "Hey, is anyone here?!",
   "Please, do not abandon me!",
   "Anyone?! Hello?!!",
   "Where did everybody go?",
   "I am falling asleep!",
   "This silence is not encouraging!"

So you can see we're just replacing this file with an empty file. So at the top of the 'Users | PBX' page, click the button to 'Choose File'. Once you've found your "empty" file, select it and then click the 'Upload File' button. That's it, you should no longer see those idle chat messages in your chatrooms.

Please keep in mind that uploading to 'Users | PBX' enacts this change server-wide. If you have individual domains where you'd like to keep this functionality, you should make sure the correct file is uploaded for just that domain.

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