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Josh Olson
Date Created
Wed, 21st Mar 2012

   How to Enable the Presentations Module in Pronto!


We have CGP 5.4.x installed, but when we log into Pronto! 4, we don't see the Presentations module. How do we enable this module?


The Pronto! Presentations module is disabled by default in CGP 5.4.x due to the additional configuration required for document conversion discussed here:

To enable the Presentations module, you'll need to do the following:

1) Create a server or domain skin called 'Pronto4'
2) Download a copy of the presentations.config file from that new skin
3) Change 'enabled=false' to 'enabled=true' in the following line from that file:

<module moduleId="Presentations" titleId="presentations.PresentationsTag" iconId="presentationsIcon16" fileName="presentations.swf" loadTimeout="2000" version="1" loadType="onDemand" prontoAPIVersion="4.0" revision="5092" enabled="true">

4) Upload the file and uncache the skin

Here is a video showing what that process looks like on a OS X CGP server:

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