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Written By
Josh Olson
Date Created
Mon, 9th Jul 2007
Updated By
Thom O'Connor
Date Modified
Thu, 6th Sep 2007

   Pronto! - Using Encrypted Passwords


Will UB-Crypt passwords work with Pronto?


Only with plain text login methods (CRAM-MD5 disabled) - but that will also disable traffic encryption. The simple answer is NO. For those who want to experiment - Pronto will try the PLAIN login method if CRAM-MD5 is disabled for the domain. But that means the pasword is sent in clear text form, and then after such an authentication attempt, Pronto won't try to encrypt traffic between CommuniGate Pro and the client (there's no support for real SSL in the Flash yet, so pronto uses a custom algorithm for traffic encryption - and that requires secure exchange of a shared secret). The account password is used for that shared secret - but with plain text login it won't make any sense, and all SASL methods require access to passwords in their clear text form. So A-crypt or plain text for password storage in CommuniGate Pro for use with Pronto.

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